5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Your Spring Cleaning

1. Spring Cleaning Reduces Stress

Multiple studies and experts have told us that clutter and messes lead to increased stress. It is hard for our minds and bodies to relax in a dirty room. Straightening things up, removing clutter, and letting natural light into your home are all good ways to say good bye to the winter blues and invite the joy of summer.

2. Spring Cleaning increases productivity

Not only does a clean room help us relax it also helps us get a lot more done. Organizing your home or office helps you to find things faster and get jobs done quicker. Check out the folks over at fast company to learn some strategies to getting better organized this spring.  https://www.fastcompany.com/3029207/whos-next/how-cutting-down-on-clutter-can-increase-your-productivity

3. Spring Cleaning Is Healthy

From bacteria and viruses to pollen and pet hair it is down right disgusting how much unwanted filth can find its way into your home. A good spring deep clean will leave your house feeling fresh and new. Not to mention it will reduce your families chance of illness, respiratory problems, and allergies.

4. Spring Cleaning Can Help Charities

One of the major sources of clutter is having too many clothes and not enough storage space. But before you start throwing away your old clothes to make room for a new spring wardrobe maybe you could consider giving them away. 80% of all the clothes we buy end up in landfills, and most of those articles of clothing are still in great condition. Stores like DI or Savers will accept used clothing donations, and if you download the new app ‘Give it’, you can even get someone to come to your house and pick up your used clothes for free! http://www.giveithub.com/

5. Spring Cleaning Helps You Find Lost Treasures

Whether it’s enough change to take that special someone out to lunch, or the remote control to the DVD player you haven’t seen in six months, one of the best reasons to spring clean is all of the great things you might find. Don’t miss out on all of the potential treasure you could find buried in your couch cushions, and get that spring cleaning started today.

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