Yardsale is over

Yardsales are exhausting.

You’ve spent your whole weekend moving items from the house to the garage, from the garage to the carport. You’ve peeled and fastened those tiny neon stickers to your unwanted clutter, hoping you’ve priced them for a quick sale. Your arms are sunburned, legs are aching and you’re ready for a night on the couch in your pajamas.

But you still have those old toys, six bags of clothes and that old toaster outside on the lawn.

Your choices?

1. Pack it all in the van and take it to a local charity

2. Leave it on the lawn with a free sign for a few days. Then pack your rain-soaked, smelly stuff in the van and take it to a local charity

3. Throw it in your dumpster

4. Use our app and do it the easy way. Take one pic of all your stuff, upload it to our app and have it picked up for you.

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